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Who and what we are.

TWA is a child-focused, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation, specialising in reading-based early childhood development (ECD). We have pioneered the role of story telling, pictures books and the introduction of community-based pre-school libraries as an integral part of ECD. Alongside this highly innovative activity we have been directly involved in the  promotion and wide distribution of more appropriate children’s publications within an advanced form of localcprt04.jpgchild-centred libraries in schools and municipalities - building on our experience with  the country’s first child and family library founded by TWA in 2000.  We are based in the city of Khon Kaen from which we work directly with our local partners in the surrounding areas of North East Thailand and undertake advisory and advocacy activities for the country as a whole.

The current full and part-time TWA staff is composed of 35 Thai nationals, most of whom are women. Our backgrounds cover a wide range of professions and working experiences related to child-care and family empowerment, education, communications, management, community development and poverty-reduction. In addition we have direct working partners numbering just over 300 and made up of government school teachers and care-givers, librarians and volunteers. There is a seven person Board of Directors with nationally-recognised expertise in ECD, the writing, editing and publishing of children’s books and national and local policy development for wider and improved childhood access to reading opportunities.

Although TWA was formally established in 1998, some members of our staff gained valuable experience reaching back DSCF3550.jpgto the early 1980s through participation in the education programmes within border refugee camps. This provided exposure to global practices in ECD and literacy among severely-deprived communities and helped gain working knowledge over the years in the relationships with international NGOs, UN agencies and human rights promotion, with particularly reference to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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