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What we have achieved

What we have achieved

rural reading program

dorkkoonview03.jpgOverall our programmes have reached a total of 140 CDCs through the 32 children libraries and the surrounding CDCs benefiting in the cluster arrangements. There are  also the 2 municipal libraries established by TWA and the 40 school libraries we support.

The non-quantifiable achievements of our work at the community level include major impacts on children and parents in terms of genuine interest in books and reading, improvements in reading skills and behaviour, social values and relationships, increased enthusiasm for school-going, gains in adult literacy. Parents now borrow books to read to children, communities contribute time and funds, there is more family discussion on topics stimulated by the books and the ECD approach and stronger bonding between generations and links between communities. Effects on other organisations have covered adoption of the TWA approach for replication by different INGOs, local foundations and by over 10 other provincial authorities outside the TWA North-East catchment.

With respect to effects on Thai society as a whole, there has been a marked increase in public awareness of the value of reading in general and to young children in particular. Among other things The Project to Develop Writers of Mini LibraryChildren’s Books has been launched jointly by the National Publishers Association and the Foundation for Books and Development.

At the national policy level, government has started to mention the promotion of reading in ECD. Five ministries have come together to organise the Book Start Project.

In addition, prompted by TWA, many hospitals have provided books for young children in their Child Development Corners and reading to young children has been incorporated in the ECD activities. A further promising indication of the fruits of TWA advocacy is the government’s new programme for establishing a children’s library in each sub-district based on our guidelines for child-friendly arrangements and careful books selections.

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